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Traffic Cones


These anti-fade, fluorescent orange traffic cones are maintenance free and are made of flow-molded polyvinyl chloride. They are available in two (2) designs: the 18” and 36” cones have a Standard design while the 28” cones have a Trimline design which provides additional wind resistance and saves storage space. Traffic cones are great for jobsites, parking lots and sport use.

Additional Information: 
  • Heat resistance to 160°
  • Broad base for stability
  • 18” cone base size (square): 11.38”
  • 28” cone base size (square): 14.75”
  • 36” cone base size (square): 15.50”
  • Meet NCHRP350 requirements
  • Meet MUTCD and FHWA requirements
$49.9449.9375(VAT Incl.)