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Pro-Guard Logger Helmet


ProGuard™ Integrated Logger System non-vented combines three highly-functional components: head, face and hearing protection. Increases on-the-job efficiency, delivers all-day comfort and maximum protection in one unit.

Additional Information: 
  • Non-vented safety cap with special contours on sides to accommodate cap mount ear muffs.
  • 6 Point Pin-Lock hidden head-hugging suspension with nylon webbing for secure fit.
  • Ear muffs with two rest positions: flip-out muffs for short term breaks or flip-up on top of safety cap.
  • Durable, lightweight nylon mesh screen.
  • Dielectric Construction.
  • Certified under ANSI S12.6, S3.19, Z87.1-2010 and Z89.1
$99.9999.9925(VAT Incl.)